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EasyPark for Business Accounts

EasyPark is a simple, convenient and cost-effective parking payment solution for businesses and commercial fleets. For a description about the basic principles of the EasyPark personal parking meter device, please refer to the "How it works" section.  In the sections below, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions, and the simple steps a business should take in order to enjoy the benefits of EasyPark.

What are the Benefits of establishing a Business Account?

 There are multiple benefits of using EasyPark by your employees, and for your business by establishing an EasyPark Business Account:

  • Monitor and Manage: EasyPark Business Account portal provides the business with powerfulconsolidated and centralized tools and reports to pay for parking, monitor, supervise and manage all parking payments made with EasyPark devices.  The reports can link time and date, location, vehicle and amount paid.  These reports provide multiple benefits:
    • Record keeping - for audit purposes
    • Monitor expenses – and validate the parking purpose
    • Billing - for law and other professional firms, EasyPark provides the ability to present an official record for client billing purposes
    • Control, Manage and Reduce parking expenses - by using a centralized management tool
  • Increase Employee Productivity - by eliminating time wasted on operating and walking back and forth to the nearest pay-and-display machine, or looking for coins to put in a traditional parking meter.  If your employees’ daily routine requires multiple instances of driving and parking, this can result in hours saved on a monthly and annual basis.
  • Easy and Simple - make parking payment easy and hassle-free.
  • Benefit to Others - Your business has the opportunity to purchase additional EasyPark devices and issue them to your extended business circle as you wish (suppliers, clients, family members, etc.).
  • Additional Benefits - Cities may rollout programs and offer additional benefits to corporate fleets that use EasyPark.

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