About EasyPark

We are parking payment solutions providers. Our system is a field-proven electronic payment solution. In addition, our services include professional management and consulting on parking access, revenue control, and site-specific operational design. Our company prides itself on providing individualized, dynamic solutions to achieve a client’s priorities, whether it is to generate revenue, enforce parking policies, improve access and flow, or to control preferential parking permit distribution.  We view ourselves as parking entrepreneurs, our bottom line is taking existing resources and raising them to a higher level of productivity.

EasyPark USA, is the North American division of ParX Global, a multi-national parking payment systems operator. Our products and technologies are implemented in over 200 cities globally. 

EasyPark USA provides public parking payment services to municipalities in the United States and Canada, offering the citizens and residents of our clients the option to pay for parking using our exclusive In-Vehicle Parking Meter and Pay-By-Phone package. 

EasyPark USA has also been deployed specifically as a fleet management tool for large companies across the United States, and has been implemented in towns and cities across the US as a parking payment technology for service vehicles. 

Our Company

EasyPark USA provides the North American market with the only combination of in-vehicle parking meters and pay-by-phone solutions in one, cheap and simple to use package. Our turn-key system enables cities to broaden their customer service programs by introducing convenient parking payment solutions, and in turn generate additional revenues by enforcing per-minute parking. Our solutions is one of the cheapest to launch on the market and the quickest to deploy.


Our mission is to design the most convenient and simple-to-use methods to pay for parking by providing a stable parking payment solution for cities, towns, universities and customers.


Our vision is to be a leader in the parking industry by servicing cities and towns, public institutions and the general public to enhance and enrich the parking experience.